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Heirloom Corn is divided into different groups, There is popcorn, sweet corn, flint corn and flour corn. Some are dwarf growing and very early such as Gaspe Flint Corn and Tom Thumb Popcorn and others are tall growing like the Mandan Bride Flour Corn. Heirloom Sweet Corn is the type of corn grown for corn on the cob, Heirloom Flint Corn is great for grinding into cornmeal, Heirloom flour corn is used to make flour and Heirloom popcorn is used for popping.

All of our heirloom corn seed varieties are natural, untreated, non hybrid, open pollinated, non GMO seeds. We have over 800 varieties of rare and endangered heirloom vegetable, flower, herb and grain seeds. Heritage Harvest Seed is a Canadian seed company with the largest selection of heirloom seeds in Canada.

Heirloom Corn Seeds - (Zea mays)

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