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Vegetable Marrow - (1824) - (C.Pepo

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Vegetable Marrow first appeared in North America in Thorburn’s catalog of 1824 and was one of the first marrow type squash grown in England. The 1908 Mckenzie Seed catalog from Brandon, Manitoba wrote "Excellent quality, fine grained and delicious." This claim can still be made today. The white oblong squash are about 1ft long at maturity but are most tender at the 4" stage. At this stage they can be eaten with the skin, seeds and all; they can still be eaten when larger but will then require peeling. The flavor is very delicate and mellow; some describe it as buttery. The vegetable marrow is truly an old fashioned vegetable that is not commonly grown any more. I can remember my grandmother growing Vegetable Marrow when I was a child. Very productive and early. Bush plant. (50 days)

10 seeds per packet.

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