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Queen Anne's Pocket - Melon Seeds - (1737)

Product Description
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Queen Anne's Pocket Melon Seeds. (a.k.a. Portugal, King Charles, Dormers, Pomegranite, Plum Grannie) This small melon is grown solely for its fragrance. John Randolph, in A Treatise on Gardening (1793) wrote that it was also called "King Charles Melon, because he used to carry one in his pocket, and also Dormers Melon, because it was brought from Portugal by a general of that name." Some sources state that this melon was cultivated as early as the seventeenth century. These melons were very popular in Victorian times for their perfume like qualities and were often carried in the pockets of Victorian woman. These 2-3" melons are very beautiful and are yellow with orange stripes. An interesting historic novelty! RARE. (70 days)

Queen Anne's Pocket Melon Seeds have 20 seeds per packet.

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