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Golden Bantam 8 Row Sweet Corn

Product Description
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Yellow corn originally was only grown for livestock feed, only white corn was considered fit for the table. That all changed when a farmer named William Chambers in Greenfield, Massachusetts grew a yellow mutant sweet corn. After Chambers death, a handful of the yellow kernelled corn was found among his possessions and was sold to W. Atlas Burpee. Burpee’s formally introduced this variety to the public in 1902 as Golden Bantam Corn. Since then, Golden Bantam has been one of the most popular open pollinated sweet corns available. It has been a favorite on the Prairies for years and was included in the 1929 Steele Briggs Seed Company catalogue. This is the original grow strain of Golden Bantam that I am offering. A sweet corn that must be eaten or frozen right after it is picked so the sugars don’t change to starch. Produces 5-6 inch cobs on 5’ tall plants. A great variety. 100 seeds/pack

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