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Bere Barley

Product Description
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Bere Barley is a very ancient grain that may have been brought to the British Isles by Vikings in the 9th century or even from an earlier wave of settlement. In its early days it was also called "bygge" or "big," probably originating from bygg, the Old Norse term for barley. It became well adapted to the British Isles as successive generations of farmers grew it for centuries. Bere Barley seed is adapted to short season climates and has a very rapid growth rate. It is also known as "90 day Barley". This was a very important crop in history providing grain for milling and malting, straw for thatching and animal bedding. It was traditionally used in the British Isles in making bread, biscuits and beremeal bannock. Bere has a long history of use in making alcohol. Historical accounts from the 15th century onward show that Orkney produced large amounts of malt and beer, most of it from Bere Barley. EXTREMELY RARE.

50 seeds per packet.

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