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Lutescent - Tomato Seeds - (1897)

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Lutescent Tomato Seed. Also known as Livingston Honor Bright. A distinctive heirloom tomato that was introduced by Alexander Livingston in 1897. This odd tomato has very pale yellowish leaves with white flowers. The medium sized fruit are produced in clusters of 6-7 and drop when ripe. The fruit go through a series of color changes starting with green, white, yellow, orange and finally red. This makes the plant very interesting with all different colors of tomatoes on it. Despite the strange foliage, flowers and fruit of this heirloom, the taste is good, the fruit firm and the plants are very productive. A unique heirloom that is well worth growing! Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage. (70 days)

Lutescent Tomato Seed has 25 seeds per packet.

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