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First introduced into England from Siberia in the 1500’s as a source of poultry feed. This extremely hardy plant overwinters easily and provides fresh green onions first thing in the spring. Fearing Burr in his book Field and Garden Vegetables of America (1865) lists two varieties of Welsh Onions: Red Welsh Onion and White Welsh Onion. He states that "The White is generally considered the better variety, as it is more tender, and milder in flavor, though much less productive."Heirloom Welsh Onions are perennial onions that produce a lot of green onions throughout the summer. They are one of the easiest onions to grow and will self seed. They will live in the garden for many years without any special care.

All of our heirloom welsh onion seed varieties are natural, untreated, non hybrid, open pollinated, non GMO seeds. We have over 800 varieties of rare and endangered heirloom vegetable, flower, herb and grain seeds. Heritage Harvest Seed is a Canadian seed company with the largest selection of heirloom seeds in Canada.

Heirloom Welsh Onion Seeds

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