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Heirloom Peas are one of the most rewarding and easy vegetables to grow. They are a cool season crop and can be planted in the spring when the soil can be worked. Heirloom peas are divided into several categories according to their use. Within these categories there are both tall growing peas which need fencing and bush peas that do not need a support. Shelling Peas are peas that you shell and eat fresh from the garden or steam. Shelling Peas can also be frozen. Snow Peas are an edible podded flat pea that can be used in stir fries or eaten fresh. Carouby de Mausanne is an old heirloom French Snow Pea that is huge and delicious. Snap Peas are edible podded peas that are eaten when small peas have formed in the pod. They are eaten fresh or added to stir fries. Super Sugar Snap and Amish Snap are varieties of snap peas. Soup Peas are used in their dry state in soup or baked. Bouchard Soup Pea is an excellent bush type pea that makes great soup. Margaret McKee’s Baking Pea is used in baked dishes.

All of our heirloom pea seed varieties are natural, untreated, non hybrid, open pollinated, non GMO seeds. We have over 800 varieties of rare and endangered heirloom vegetable, flower, herb and grain seeds. Heritage Harvest Seed is a Canadian seed company with the largest selection of heirloom seeds in Canada.

Heirloom Pea Seeds - (Pisum sativum var.sativum)

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