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Long Island Cheese Pumpkin - (C. moschata)

Product Description
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A strain of Cheese Pumpkin once popular in the New York and New Jersey regions. There were actually many different strains of Cheese Pumpkin in these regions grown by many different farmers for the pie market. The Cheese Pumpkin gets its name because it is shaped like an old fashioned wheel of cheese. Each strain differs slightly in how lobed the fruit is and the coloration of the skin and the size. The Long Island Cheese Pumpkin is flattened and buff colored with deep orange fine grained flesh. The fruit averages 5-8 pounds and keeps very well. ( I have had one sitting on my kitchen counter for over a year!|) This variety ripened later than others in Manitoba but still put out a good crop. (110 days) Low quantity.

20 seeds per packet.

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