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Jessy's Family Heirloom Bean

Product Description
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An extremely rare strain of the old fashioned Sulphur Bean originating in southern Manitoba. This variety was grown by Jessy Friesen's grandparents and passed down through the generations. Jessy's grandfather, Jake Friesen, grew up near Altona, MB and his parents grew this variety for as long as he could remember. It has sulphur colored oval seed and cooks down to a thick broth. This is an early strain of the historic Sulphur Bean and is a few weeks earlier than Coco Jaune de Chine, which is a strain originating in France. About four years ago, Jessy's grandparents gave us about 10 seeds, unfortunately the deer ate most of the plants that year and Jessy's Family Heirloom was almost lost. Thankfully after a few years of planting we finally have enough to offer this variety for sale. Very productive and a real heirloom treasure.


100 days for dry beans

50 seeds per packet.

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